reclaiming imagination in history class

Listening to a talk about marriage, monogamy, and sex ed with Esther Perel and Dan Savage today, I was struck by a statement by Perel. Ostensibly it has nothing to do with history. She said, “…at this point, I would probably close up a lot of things for a while, just to give us the […]

being ‘home’

so what is it like to move back to the States after 6 years of living and teaching abroad? it’s basically wonderful. but that may be because i moved ‘back’ to the greatest city on Earth. for me, this is the first time i’ve lived alone (no significant other, no roommates) in the US. it’s […]


when i first started teaching, i thought a lot about how to ask my students “What do you know?” later, i realized what i cared more about was asking “What do you think?” now, i’m starting to build more of my classes around “Why do you think that?”

deeper knowledge

I think too many teachers treat knowledge as a pool when actually, it’s an ocean. They set themselves up as the be-all and end-all, the source of knowledge in the classroom, and expect and desire students to show them that they, the students have absorbed all the knowledge they, the teachers provide, and reflect it […]

when students don’t consider themselves thinkers

I almost walked out on my class the other day. They weren’t doing anything terrible, just talking over me and over each other a bit, and a few hadn’t done their homework, but several moments had just happened consecutively that together made me upset with the realization that they didn’t think of themselves as thinkers. […]


a few weeks ago, i visited five schools in New York City to scout out possible job prospects and get some idea of the lay of the land. i had very positive experiences in all, save one. this post is about that one school- actually, just one teacher at that school, and my dilemma over […]

sweet to be home

five months ago, my mother died, and i broke off my engagement with my fiance. about a month later, i decided to quit international teaching and move back to the US. at the time, my head of school asked me, ‘do you really want to do this?’ he cited some famous psych study (by cited, […]