activism abroad

1- A few days ago, I stopped to yell at some guys on the street. I had been running, and ahead of me on the sidewalk I saw a woman with long hair in a ponytail, a sports bra, and running tights. She jogged towards me and passed me, as I watched 3 local men […]

conversations with students

today, in IB History: a minor digression (identifying key players in the Vietnam War) turned into a mini-rant (mine) about China’s censorship, Mao’s agricultural policies (the killing of sparrows!), and its current anti-democratic actions. they wanted to talk about it, were excited to share their ideas, ask questions. i kept apologizing for my strong feelings, […]

tiring and inspiring

i had the most busy day. i had first period off, but then four classes in a row: Psychology, Social Studies 9, another section of Social Studies 9, then Social Studies 10. In each of my Social Studies classes, they worked to prepare for an upcoming essay assessment while I met with 15+ students individually […]

aesthetic dislocation

one of my colleagues and i have been having a long-running conversation about ethics and aesthetics. her assertion is that aesthetics = ethics– not necessarily that this is the way it should be, but that it is how most people operate:  people have strong aesthetic preferences and they express them as (and often believe them […]


I’ve been recently really disturbed by some of my dating experiences here in Buenos Aires, and also by the way people react to and talk about them. I’ve been on six first dates with different men since January (and some second and third dates with a few of them). One was American, one French, one Israeli, […]