all education = acculturation

i went to a student’s home for, i believe, the first time in all my nine years of teaching. S invited me to her graduation party. she lives a 20-minute walk from the closest T stop, in a neighborhood whose triple-deckers, loosely contained front yards, and sometimes littered sidewalks look quite similar to my own, […]

worlds of difference

there is definitely a strong connection between my adolescent and continued interest in reading fantasy books and my eagerness and readiness to move into international teaching. so excited to be in a different world and learn things i can only imagine.


so graduation was tonight, and i was thinking about all the messages that we commonly say to graduates. they’re often admonishments and encouragements, exhortations to be all that you can be, not to limit yourself, not to listen to those around you, to instead strike out on your own and be your own man/woman. yes […]

endings and beginnings

i have started [to have to] saying goodbyes this week. it is surreal to be leaving such a strong community – my school – and such a partly glorious life, with good friends, good food, good fun, in cambridge. i have it good here. i’m so excited, though, to meet new people and see new […]

love letter to my (previous) school

codman, o codman… how do i love thee? let me count the ways… the most fantastic place i’ve ever worked, codman has a culture of caring that is not to be slighted. faculty use the word love when they talk about alumni, when they talk about struggling kids who are failing their classes: “we must […]