community immersion

[from an e-mail to haley] it’s weird to be suddenly (ish) in a totally different community. have to learn the politics and rumors and cliques and layers of meaning to different groups- i’m talking faculty of course. the main people i’ve hung out with so far are the other newbies, which are a combination of […]


after a fine breakfast of excellent middle eastern yogurt and local nectarines, i spent about an hour going through all the papers i’ve been given since i got here, my emails from the residential life office, and notes from meetings with a calendar in front of me to make sure i knew when i was […]

i am here and alive….

it’s hard to know what to say, what to describe. most importantly, generally, things are very good. here is what i have been thinking about: -Arabic culture will take some getting used to. interacting with women is easy and actually very sweet; women seem much more receptive to talking, eye contact, and caretaking gestures (compliments, […]