after a fine breakfast of excellent middle eastern yogurt and local nectarines, i spent about an hour going through all the papers i’ve been given since i got here, my emails from the residential life office, and notes from meetings with a calendar in front of me to make sure i knew when i was on various duties and what my responsibilities were. in addition to teaching, i am responsible for:

-advising a group of 5 10th and 11th grade girls- meeting them twice a week for lunch and once a week for an additional meeting; keeping track of their academic, emotional, social and physical health and reporting to parents, deans, and other staff as necessary

-participating in a ‘sit-down lunch’ once a week, where students and faculty help serve. the student population is assigned to tables (and rotated every 3 weeks) with faculty and staff whom they may or may not know. formal table etiquette is observed.

-dorm duty once a week: study hall hours in the dorms are from 8 to 10pm nightly during the week; student proctors in the hallways help make sure kids are in their rooms (everyone has a single) studying, and i ensure everyone is present, on time, working, healthy, happy, etc. after the study session there is a social time (this is when ‘feeds’ also happen- late-night snacks brought in once a week by the staff member on duty and paid for by the school) and then lights-out.

-i am on a weekend team that creates and runs weekend activities once every 6 weeks. next weekend is my first weekend on duty. we have planned several mall trips, a late-night soccer game, an evening kickball game, a dorm decorating workshop, a visit to the downtown market and cafes, and a hike off campus. on several other weekends (1-2 a month) i am not required to organize or run activities, but i need to be present on campus in the evenings.

-as for co-curriculars, the ‘major’ i am in charge of (actually, happily, i share responsibility for this one) is Yoga. it will meet 4 times a week. my ‘minor’ is Improv (yay!), which meets once a week. both of these will continue for the year. other people manage the sports teams, volunteer clubs, model UN, etc.

so, this is the reality of life at a boarding school. these are the proscribed duties; however, it is pretty obvious that i am also on call pretty much any time- kids can knock on my door, staff can call me, etc. staff take their advisees out to lunch or have dorm residents over to watch movies in their living rooms. during orientation, it is encouraged we play ultimate frisbee, soccer, etc. with the kids, root for our house team, and mingle with the kids eating s’mores by the stadium.

good thing i like communities.


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