competence: the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.

excerpted from an email to chris:

… my job is pretty sweet too. i think the greatest pleasure of being in my 30s is that i’ve now worked at what i do for a decade and i feel good about it- not good as in i’m done, i’m accomplished, no more to learn, but good as in i feel competent most of the time and incompetent rarely, and the challenges are usually interesting rather than devastating. i have a good understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses and i’m still interested in feedback. it helps a lot that this is a million times less crazy environment than codman was- there i often felt underwater; there was so much social work kind of stuff that was incredibly hard to deal with, and i could often feel guilty just for concentrating on my curriculum. one nice thing about shifting jobs is that i’m learning new material (global world history is fascinating; the history of the middle east pretty bizarre). i’m so lucky to be in a field that’s centered around learning. it is probably one of the most fun jobs i could have.


One thought on “competence: the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.

  1. Hi Alli!
    I have been reading your blog and it’s a real pleasure to hear your voice. So warm and thoughtful! I especially like your thoughts about competence.
    Glad everything seems to be going well.
    Love from NYC,


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