making art together

so, i have never found anything as transcendental and wonderful as making art with friends.

i explained this to Ben tonight: the reason, for me, that the 48 hour film festival is so awesome/powerful is not because of its silly constraints or its weird bro/beer culture or the hilarious results of the weekend. the reason it is so awesomely powerful and powerfully awesome is because it gives you an opportunity to Make Stuff with Friends- that you never really get to do anymore, when you’re an adult, outside of college and high school and forced or easy (happenstance) collaborative projects. i am always so happy to Do things with people- not just sit around and watch a movie; not just eat food; not just talk (although talking is more and more potent the more experiences and ideas i have. i so much prefer to Do something- go on a hike, make food together; better yet, share an experience together- something challenging and weird. 48HFP is great for this. but y’know, also, is weekend duty designing and executing a haunted house; weekend excursion staying in a dicey hotel and touring some ruins; summer adventure getting lost in maine and ending in an unknown town figuring out where to eat and who to talk to. these are what we will remember: not watching tv. not watching movies. not someone else’s plotline; not someone else’s jokes; but our own ideas and our own ruminations and our own imaginings of the future.

humans are coolest, to me, when they can move outside themselves and build something together. when we can transcend the boundaries of our selves. we are usually so insular, and/or superficial in our relatedness. i am moved by political campaigns that can instill people to act, to connect; movies that make people talk to each other; art that shifts our understanding of each other’s experience. yallah getting out of ourselves; this is what i want to teach. the world is so much more interesting when it is not just about you.


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