looking for a school

I feel like I’m finally in a place re: the job front where I’m the one looking critically at the schools instead of the schools looking critically at me.

here are some of the characteristics of a school i would want to work at:

-faculty who are excited about teaching, treat teaching as a profession and not just a job, have a growth mindset and are interested in becoming better teachers, and collaborate

-heads (department and school) who model the above, and who make good decisions for the department and for the school with the input of the community

-students who are interested in learning, not just grades

-a school culture which supports this

i’d also be happiest at a school that values the arts; that offers substantial financial aid and takes care not to be too exclusionary; that has good connections with local community organizations and does service and educational projects locally; with a schedule and workload that allows faculty members have personal and social lives outside of school.

the tricky thing is finding such a school with only school profiles (numbers and basic info) and websites (smiling faces and buzzwords) to go on.  and also, leaving a school that does actually fulfill a large part of my list, but in a location that doesn’t work for me.


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