aesthetic dislocation

one of my colleagues and i have been having a long-running conversation about ethics and aesthetics. her assertion is that aesthetics = ethics– not necessarily that this is the way it should be, but that it is how most people operate:  people have strong aesthetic preferences and they express them as (and often believe them […]


I’ve been recently really disturbed by some of my dating experiences here in Buenos Aires, and also by the way people react to and talk about them. I’ve been on six first dates with different men since January (and some second and third dates with a few of them). One was American, one French, one Israeli, […]

moved by history: part ii

Machu Picchu was beautiful, and challenging, and beautifully challenging: navigating for four weeks in Peru with elementary Spanish, deciphering the bureaucratic ticketing system, climbing the stony severe heights of Huayna Picchu, carrying enough water. Looking over the stone towers, mathematical terraces and close-cropped lawns, I pictured the Incas that designed Machu Picchu, ruled it, and […]

moved by history: part i

In the last few years, I’ve traveled to Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Spain, Hungary, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Panama and Uruguay. I have also been to China, France, Italy, Greece, Mexico, and Canada. So many places are gorgeous- the sunset from Punta del Este, the islands and animals of Bocas del Toro, the gardens […]

temporary versus permanent

one of the most frustrating things about the international teaching lifestyle, for me, is the assumption that everything is temporary. it is true, in a way: the majority of us will be leaving the school and the city that we are currently living in within 1 or 2 or 3 or 5 years. a few will create deep […]

school culture

how to be a good principal and establish a healthy school culture: +trust that your teachers are smart and kind +realize that your teachers will get tired and make mistakes +believe that your students can and will grow and change +allocate responsibility; recognize others’ expertise +admit when you don’t know something +be clear about your […]