reminding teachers about their own learning

I just planned a workshop I will soon be presenting at an educators’ conference. I presented a previous workshop, on student-centered discussion and protocols to use to structure it, at two national conferences in the US and at a local and regional (South American) conference last year. I still believe in that workshop– in its […]

my hardest class is my easiest to plan for

I love planning for my IB History Year 1 class. It has my highest-level students. They have chosen to be in the class and some are true history nerds (the rest I am working on making them so). Several were in my Modern World History class last year, so we already speak the same language- […]

How to teach about learning

Alternative title: what should I do about kids who don’t like my class? -One problem I am currently working on as a teacher is how to get kids to understand why I teach the way I do. It is difficult because it is a personal and emotional problem as well as a conceptual one: in […]

when history gets personal

my 10th grade students have been studying social movements for the 4 weeks. after a case study of Indian independence that the class investigated together, students formed research groups to investigate their chosen movements, all taking place in the second half of the twentieth century in countries around the globe. choices of social movements to study […]

idealism / realism

i have to give a shout-out to my colleague M, who is always up for an intellectual discussion, maybe especially one that is challenging or provocative. sorry we haven’t gotten to the non-gendered sports teams yet. coming up soon, i hope. so, M and i are co-teachers: we don’t teach in the same room, but we do […]