moved by history: part i

In the last few years, I’ve traveled to Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Spain, Hungary, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Panama and Uruguay. I have also been to China, France, Italy, Greece, Mexico, and Canada. So many places are gorgeous- the sunset from Punta del Este, the islands and animals of Bocas del Toro, the gardens […]

temporary versus permanent

one of the most frustrating things about the international teaching lifestyle, for me, is the assumption that everything is temporary. it is true, in a way: the majority of us will be leaving the school and the city that we are currently living in within 1 or 2 or 3 or 5 years. a few will create deep […]

school culture

how to be a good principal and establish a healthy school culture: +trust that your teachers are smart and kind +realize that your teachers will get tired and make mistakes +believe that your students can and will grow and change +allocate responsibility; recognize others’ expertise +admit when you don’t know something +be clear about your […]

reminding teachers about their own learning

I just planned a workshop I will soon be presenting at an educators’ conference. I presented a previous workshop, on student-centered discussion and protocols to use to structure it, at two national conferences in the US and at a local and regional (South American) conference last year. I still believe in that workshop– in its […]

my hardest class is my easiest to plan for

I love planning for my IB History Year 1 class. It has my highest-level students. They have chosen to be in the class and some are true history nerds (the rest I am working on making them so). Several were in my Modern World History class last year, so we already speak the same language- […]

How to teach about learning

Alternative title: what should I do about kids who don’t like my class? -One problem I am currently working on as a teacher is how to get kids to understand why I teach the way I do. It is difficult because it is a personal and emotional problem as well as a conceptual one: in […]